$30.00 USD

Start-Up and Go Course

Experience the New Freelancer Kit: Your Path to Success

Ignite your freelance journey with the all-inclusive Start-Up and Go Booklet.  This course encompasses five modules, walking you from starting basics through to building, growing and working with your clients and network. Refine your market positioning, construct a stellar support team, master financial prowess, shape an impactful brand, and set strategic goals. With 10+ downloadable worksheets and resources, this comprehensive package guides you every step of the way. Plus, gain access to our vibrant online community support hub for shared insights and networking opportunities. Elevate your freelancing path with unwavering confidence.

Booklet  includes:

  • Niche and Market: Define your services and target audience.
  • Business Model: Set prices and create a unique value proposition
  • Client Audience: ID who your ideal client is
  • Goal setting: Build a plan

Business Set-up

  • Legal Setup: Choose a structure, get necessary IDs, and licenses.
  • Financials: Open a business account and set up accounting.
  • Budget and Money: Create a working budget and and start tracking
  • Documentation: Create templates and conquer 


  • Website: Create a site that transacts
  • Selling tools: Create ways to sell your services
  • Email: Use email effectively
  • Team: Build your support team (tech, tools, humans)


  • Define: Know what clients you want
  • Network: Connect with peers, qualified leads and referrals
  • Pitch: Build a pitch
  • Nurture: Build a process to nurture new and warm leads


  • Money: Set-up clear money-management system + expectations
  • Clients: Define onboarding and offboarding process for clients
  • Projects: Establish project workflow and supporting tools

  • Team: Who is in your corner