We are not another agency of freelancers. We are not another staffing company. We are not another digital platform. We might be all those things and a bag of chips. We are Uncompany. We have developed a system that makes freelance frictionless and makes unconventional working more workable for clients and freelancers.


Uncompany was founded with the goal of making freelance frictionless for our clients. 

The working world is changing and navigating it can be overly complicated. We are your partner in building out your custom talent pool, giving you direct access to the talent you need, and future-proofing your staff against what is coming up next.

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What we do well 


Increase your bandwidth//

Your team gets crushed by busy seasons or unexpected leave. You need to be able to ramp up team quickly when bandwidth is pinched. Our OnDeck service is your custom talent pool, built for you and ready to go.

Provide talent at flexible cost//

You need access to talent quickly, but your needs and budgets fluctuate. Our services are designed to ebb and flow with your needs so you are paying for help only when you need help.

Management of freelancers//

You need freelancers but don't have extra time in your schedule to manage onboarding, contracts and payment of the talent. We manage the finding, vetting, contracts, and payment for you.

Collaborate to make it work//

Working with freelancers should work for you. With our 20 years of experience we will work with your team, procurement and stakeholders to ensure the process, budgets, and services will work for you. 



Uncompany Studio is your agency when you don’t think you need an agency. For a $275 per project set-up fee, Studio offers you on-demand access to a streamlined project-based service. Do you need a task project with a single freelancer or a custom project that may need a larger team? Done. Your jobs get done quickly and effectively without the large agency retainer cost while saving you time and effort scoping and sourcing projects. Easy peasy project squeezy.

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It’s time to build your custom freelance team! For $275/month OnDeck lets you build your own internal agency or develop a resource pool that allows you to scale up and down as needed. Your dedicated Client Director works with you to identify the right mix of skills and bandwidth, onboards your team proactively, and gives you direct access to start and finish jobs quickly.

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Dedicated freelancer

Maybe you need more consistency or want to test the viability of a position? Take things to the next level by setting up a contract. For a $275 set-up fee you can have an Uncompany freelancer dedicated to your business for 10 or 20 or 30 hours per week. 

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We provide FREE and paid courses, downloads, worksheets and checklists for our clients and our freelancers. Take a look and expand your business to the moon!


Start-Up and Go Boooklet


Let's get moving

This booklets will give you everything you need to start your freelance business from A to B to SUCCESS. 

  • Your positioning
  • Business Set-up
  • Brand + Clients
  • How to manage

Audit. Automate. Delegate. Course


Let's start scaling

Discover the keys to scaling your business efficiently. Learn to audit, automate, and delegate effectively, optimizing  for growth. 

  • Audit your Business
  • Write your SOPs
  • Delegate and grow

Set Some Goals and Go Checklist


I know amazing!

This is your ultimate companion for focused freelancing! Take this FREE download and get to crushing your goals. 

  • Set your SMART Goals
  • Prioritize your tasks
  • Track and set milestone

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