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At Uncompany our goal is helping our clients build, grow, and scale their teams with amazing freelance talent. Whether you have a quick job, need a dedicated freelancer, or want to build a custom freelance bench – we are here to make it easier for you. Our services are set up to make working with freelancers the easiest and best decision you’ve ever made.

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If you have a project, Yo, we’ll solve it. With Studio, you have on-demand access to our experienced freelancers. With this service, you can quickly start, run, and complete a project with minimal paperwork.

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You want your own custom freelance pool. Our team will work with you to identify the perfect mix of talent for your bench. We will onboard them and connect them through our software so you can quickly and seamlessly pull them into a project.

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You want a dedicated freelancer who brings you experience, consistency, and guaranteed availability. It’s time to set up a contract. We will find them and vet them with your team. All you do is bring the work, and we will help take care of the rest.

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How does Uncompany work?

At Uncompany we find, vet and onboard experienced and quality freelancers. We use our Working Member talent pool to build our clients custom Studio project teams, find their contractor or build their custom talent pool through our OnDeck service. Our ultimate goal is to be their reliable resource for flexible talent and information related to independent working.

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