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We understand that it can be lonely out there. Community is important, and the identity you get with it is essential in managing and growing your business. Signing up is FREE and with your Free Agent Membership you’ll get access to our Discord community and emails that will give you connection, content, and opportunities to apply for work. 

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What does it mean to be a Free Agent?

At Uncompany we operate in two pools - Free Agent and Working Member. Our Free Agent Pool is the first step. When you sign-up as a Free Agent you gain access to our community of freelancers via Discord as well as access to our content and education - both free and paid courses.  


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Connections to the freelance workforce. You will be connected via our Discord server to other Free Agent Members. Let's collaborate!


You will gain access to resources, downloads, and courses (both FREE and paid) that will help you develop a plan and grow your business.


We will send you opportunities to apply for jobs and positions with our clients and OnDeck teams that we see are a good fit for your skills. 

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Free Agent vs. Working Member

Everyone who signs up is considered a Free Agent Member. With this you gain access to our Community and Education Pillars. Uncompany selects Free Agent Members to become Working Members as needs arise from our clients. We do this to manage expectations and to be able to offer more intentional onboarding with our members and clients. While we want everyone to get work we can only manage so many relationships to the level that we wish to. When we do share jobs we will do this directly to you via your email or via the "jobshare" channel in our Discord community. If you are selected to become a Working Member you will go through another onboarding process and account set-up. It is our hope to continue to grow our client list so we can continue to offer more work for our community. 

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