May 10, 2022

Ed Foric describes himself as a visual storyteller who is passionate about strategic creative concepts and compelling design and identity. His career spans over 17 years and two continents, all connected by a simple philosophy: make beautiful work that tells an authentic brand story. Read more about how Ed shifted his focus to his freelancing career and why he feels like he’s currently living his ideal day.

Tell us about your freelancing journey – how long have you been freelancing and what made you shift your focus to your own business?
Well, seventeen years – it does feel like a lifetime! After I graduated [university], I went straight into work. I’ve been with agencies both in the UK and here in the US, but during that whole time I’ve been freelancing. I have one client I’ve had for 15 years.

It was the middle of last year (2021) that I decided I needed to focus more on myself. I feel I’ve learned a lot from the agency world, but I’ve always really enjoyed the one-on-one with the client. I’ve never been a designer or a creative that seems to hide behind a screen. I’ve always loved the interaction and the creative process together. 

What skills or services do you specialize in? 
Brand identity is the main one. Things like logo design, from naming to the whole package. I’ve worked with local, regional, national, and international clients, so there’s been a lot of variety [of projects], but those are the strongest parts of my toolbox. 

What is your favorite thing about being a freelancer? 
Freedom. You can manage your own time, quite literally. 

The interaction and variety is something I’ve also really loved. The variety of work, the variety of clients, the variety of people you meet on a daily basis. I love that not one day is the same. I can learn from such a wide span of different creative directors, designers, account managers, clients – it’s such a huge asset. 

What advice do you have for soon-to-be or wish-to-be freelancers?
I just say “Do it.” I know when you leave something you feel is secure, which is obviously a full-time job and full-time salary, you might hesitate, but I think if you can be 3-6 months ahead on your finances, which is really doable, and you have the determination, the drive, the will, the hunger, plus a little structure, it can work.

If you’re approachable and reliable, you deliver on time and on budget, clients will keep coming back and you’ll be recommended for new work. You’ll have a library of repeat clients, which is really from word of mouth or one thing leading into the next.

What is a recent project that was really exciting to work on?
I’m actually working on one right now. Through Uncompany, an agency out of Nashville needed a more established art director to help them with a new logo and new identity for one of their clients. It’s been so enjoyable. There’s nothing I love more than “Here’s our name, here are our goals, this is our company – we need a visual identity for it. Let’s go.”

To see more examples of Ed’s work, check out his website.

What does your ideal client / day look like?
I think I’m in it, for me as an individual and for where I am in my career path. I speak to my wife and say sometimes I have to pinch myself how fortunate I am to be in this position. 

It doesn’t feel like work because I’m the one who’s in control. Between the hours of 9:00 and 2:00, I’m able to be on calls, in meetings, presenting, and then I have a gap where I can be a dad, a husband, and then pick up work again. Sometimes work is work, but if you’re enjoying the interaction and variety, and doing good work, it’s really rewarding to hear great feedback from clients. And I’m able to concentrate on other projects when I’m away from the screen that aren’t related to work.  

Is there anything else we should know about you?
I’m sure you guys can tell that I’m not from around here; I’m sure the accent does give certain things away. (Click here to watch the full interview and hear said accent!) 

I love to travel. I’ve been fortunate to have family around the world. I think that’s really helped me gather all the creativeness that I have and am able to offer. 

Interested in learning more about Ed and his business? Download a copy of Ed’s work and bio here.

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