clients Aug 01, 2023

During the last three years, we’ve seen staffing go from the Great Resignation, to the Great Reshuffling, to the Great Regret.

Well, GREAT, so where are we now? 

At Uncompany, we’re calling this current phase the Great Readjustment

We see many companies adjusting to the changing economy and post-Covid worker preferences, and that means they are adjusting their staffing models. Companies large and small are looking differently at how they can manage the needs they have day-to-day and cover skills gaps, all while building a bridge to cover future growth without putting their business at risk.

We want to share some staffing options and how to best determine what makes the most sense for your business as you grow and lean into the new opportunity that exists in the flexible workforce.




A freelancer is a great fit if you have hourly based or project-based needs that arise here and there. They offer flexibility and often a unique set of skills. To be sure you have sufficient coverage, make sure you ID a group of reliable freelancers you can call on quickly. You can also set up a talent pool through our OnDeck Service. Once we work with you to build this resource, you can activate your talent quickly through our software, so there’s no lag between the need and the start of your project.


Many times a contractor can block off their calendar, setting aside 10, 15, even 20+ hours per week, to ensure you have reliable support for a project or a season. This is a smart choice when you need a flexible resource that you can trust to be available.


If you need senior-level talent that can step in to run an important (sometimes C-suite) part of your business, a “fractional” person could fill the role until the business grows to need that role 100%. Traditionally, these roles include CMO, CCO, COO, CTO, and GCD, but you can really fill any position with a fractional hire until you’re ready for a full-timer.

Part time

You need a role or skill on a regular basis, and you want to bring them in under your payroll. This can be the case for someone you want to eventually convert to full time. Another reason to bring someone on part-time is to share the tax burden.

Full time

When you see a role as an ongoing need and/or you identify a particular person as a valuable asset, you should hire them as a full time employee. This way, they are available and committed to your company 100% of the time and will grow along with you and your business. 

At Uncompany we believe any number – and sometimes all – of these types of workers makes up a healthy staff. We also think many of us will go in and out of different employment statuses throughout our career. The businesses that understand life changes happen and allow for flexibility and fluidity in their staffing model will attract and keep good, engaged talent. 

The Great Readjustment is changing the way we work and how we view talent, making things easier for workers and employers to come together and take advantage of the mutual benefits of a blended workforce. It’s a beautiful thing. 

Uncompany uses our experience and has set up our services to help you build your team with whatever mix is needed, making room for growth and flexibility. 

Think proactively. Plan accordingly. React quickly. 

Utilizing flexible talent will give you the ability to do all three.
You can use our Adaptive Staffing Calculator to predict cost and allow you to consider what type of talent you may need.

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