Aug 11, 2020

It’s fair to say that we are forever changed by our current events. This is evident in the way we will work moving forward: how our businesses are set up and run, how we interact with our colleagues, how our staffing is built and managed.

Honestly, we’ve known these things needed to be changed for a while. Our businesses have been built on old models of massive overhead and immovable expenses for far too long. It’s very hard for a company to be truly innovative when all it is trying to do is outrun debt. There is no margin, no forgiveness, no room for things to change. Then when things do change, you have layoffs, closed businesses, and lost opportunities.

It’s time to rethink staffing.

What does it mean to build a team? What does it mean to have fixed costs? How does the team grow, add skill, interact, and develop? How do we create margin in that team for ebb and flow of work and changing employee goals and lives?

Uncompany has developed a service called OnDeck, which utilizes our Adaptive Staffing method. Here are some quick questions to answer to help you assess your current staffing approach and where there are opportunities to adjust to a more flexible model:

  • What are the positions and skills I need every day, 40+ hours per week?
  • What are the positions and skills I need less than full-time or seasonally?
  • Which positions are more tasked based vs. management?
  • Over the next 18 months, what skills do I see needing to add to my staff?
  • Could your current operations (onboarding, virtual systems) support working with a freelance staff?

Read our guide to learn more about the benefits of an adaptive staffing model run through our OnDeck service. 

The idea of work is changing quickly right now. This includes how we are compensated, how we connect, and how we develop a career.

While it’s a bit scary, we believe that our “new working normal” could be an even better normal than before.

Learn more about Uncompany and how we make unconventional working more workable through our project and hourly-based freelancers and freelance teams.

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